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Buy direct from our local farmers, and invest in the health of our soil with Earth First Food.
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Direct, Sustainable, Delicious.

Join our journey to support regenerative farming and inspire others to make a change for local farmers.


The revolutionary 'licensed home-kill service' mobile abattoir, eliminating animal transport and minimising stress, awarded for Significant Contribution to Food Safety.


Earth First promotes a transition to holistic agroecological farming practices that support local farmers, the health of our soil, and offer an eco-friendly alternative.


Earth First offers a choice for buying high-quality, direct-to-consumer meat products from farmers transitioning to regenerative agriculture, supporting the local food system and investing in the health of our soil.
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WHAT WE stand for


Buy Local, The Old Way


Grow Local, Soil & Community
Why earth first food?

Paving the Way to a Regenerative Food Future.

Earth First Food supports regenerative farming practices that build healthy soil, promote biodiversity, and support local farmers committed to a more sustainable future. It offers a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional agriculture.

With its innovative and revolutionary mobile abattoir, Earth First Food eliminates the need to transport animals to an abattoir, resulting in much less stress for the animal and addressing the needs of a significant domestic market, as recognised by the Judges at the Food Industry Awards.

By supporting Earth First Food, you are making a conscious choice to invest in the health of our soil, support local farmers, and reduce your environmental impact.

Our direct-to-consumer meat products are of high quality and come from farmers who practice regenerative farming methods, ensuring you get the best product possible.
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Together we improve.



Earth First supports local farmers to provide high-quality meat to consumers, making conscious choices for a sustainable food system.


Earth First encourages regenerative farming practices to support the health of our soil and environment, together we create a pathway towards a regenerative food future.


By buying through Earth First, consumers make a conscious choice to support a sustainable food system and invest in the health of our soil.

Let’s build a food system together.

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Let’s create a food future together.

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Greg Hart shares his vision of restoring paradise through regenerative agriculture in New Zealand. His farm is close to carbon neutral, has increased biodiversity, and optimises life, builds resilience and integrates animals. He stresses the importance of the food system in reversing global warming and restoring human health.
A group of Earth First friends embarked on a mission to demonstrate a better food system through collaboration and ingenuity. Their success with Wagyu #1 fed 2,169 people and inspired a movement towards a more sustainable and ethical food system.
Soil health is complex, with physical, chemical, and biological aspects that affect fertility and ecosystem processes. Intensive agriculture and synthetic chemicals disrupt soil microbiomes, leading to degraded soil health and reduced food quality. Alternative practices like regenerative agriculture promote soil health and sustainable food production.
Home-kill, a traditional on-farm meat processing method, promotes animal welfare and taste. Innovative licensing of home-kill service providers broadens accessibility, and supports ethical and eco-friendly meat industry practices.