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Reimagining the food we eat

We all know that food direct from the garden or farm tastes better - something that celebrated New Zealand chef Ben Bayly knows more than most. As a culinary expert, Ben insists on using locally-sourced ingredients that are grown and raised with care. He is on a mission to define New Zealand's cuisine by celebrating local produce and supporting our producers.

To demonstrate the difference between locally and commercially sourced food, Ben teamed up with Josh from JoBros Burgers to redefine the ubiquitous McDonald's Kiwiburger. For the hero ingredient, Ben sought out the most local and highest quality meat he could find. He discovered Mike McCools purebred grass-fed wagyu beef, farmed without artificial fertilisers, just 40 minutes away. The lettuce, cheese, onion, and beetroot were also sourced locally.

To get the wagyu from Mikes gate to the grill plate, Ben used Earth First Food to process the animal on farm, with the least stress, resulting in the best possible tasting meat.

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Applause burger trio.

The burger pictured above literally got a round of applause. The reimagined Kiwi burger, a collab between Ben Bayley, Josh at JoBro’s, and Earth First Food. It was served at the after-function of the TEDxAuckland matinee session in 2021.


Limited availability of locally-sourced, high-quality ingredients in commercially produced food.


To define New Zealand's cuisine by celebrating local produce and supporting local producers.


Working with leading chefs and local producers to source the highest quality, locally-sourced ingredients and using innovative, sustainable solutions like Earth First's mobile abattoir to process meat on farm with minimal stress for the animal.

Deep Dive.

Buying meat directly from farmers is difficult, making it challenging to know the source and conditions of the meat. We're here to fix that.
Greg Hart shares his vision of restoring paradise through regenerative agriculture in New Zealand. His farm is close to carbon neutral, has increased biodiversity, and optimises life, builds resilience and integrates animals. He stresses the importance of the food system in reversing global warming and restoring human health.
A group of Earth First friends embarked on a mission to demonstrate a better food system through collaboration and ingenuity. Their success with Wagyu #1 fed 2,169 people and inspired a movement towards a more sustainable and ethical food system.
Soil health is complex, with physical, chemical, and biological aspects that affect fertility and ecosystem processes. Intensive agriculture and synthetic chemicals disrupt soil microbiomes, leading to degraded soil health and reduced food quality. Alternative practices like regenerative agriculture promote soil health and sustainable food production.
Home-kill, a traditional on-farm meat processing method, promotes animal welfare and taste. Innovative licensing of home-kill service providers broadens accessibility, and supports ethical and eco-friendly meat industry practices.
The Locavore lifestyle prioritises locally-sourced food because it is nutritious and delicious, and also because it supports farmers, sustainable agriculture, and community connections.
Regenerative agriculture is a holistic and sustainable farming approach that prioritises soil health, biodiversity, and ecosystem resilience. It actively improves natural resources to benefit the environment and future generations.
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